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Rich Make-Up Artist, Inc. Presentation

New Site

New Site

Website Comps


Business Card for Sharon

Sharon will be printing her business card this week. We have presented website templates to her and she is deciding on which she likes.

Another logo concept

Given that the “box” logo looks really bold, we made up a softer concept as a logo. Sharon is undecided as to which logo she likes.


We sent Sharon a .pdf of business card comps


The logo above is the current logo for Rich Make-Up Artist, Inc. It has a simple image of pink lips with a cursive typeface, which is called Zapfino, for the company’s name. Just underneath the company’s name is their slogan “Rich in spirit and in truth.”

This is the logo design for Rich Make-Up Artist, Inc. that we have developed. It still has the lips to represent the company, but we used a gradient of red to orange to yellow. We chose these colors because they are soft tone colors, to reflect the company. The typeface used is more modernized and has a bolder look because it is a sans-serif typeface, it is also has a more friendly feel. The black box in this logo creates emphasis on the lips, and it creates dynamism by making the lips come out of the box. The slogan for the company would not be placed underneath the logo, instead it will be placed in the appropriate setting. For example, on the website the slogan will be across the top, not directly beside the logo.

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